NYAC Sponsors
Jan 19, 2015 - In-person Official Clinics Offered
Calling all Officials ( and 'wannabe' Officials )! NYAC is hosting the following in person officials training courses at our Douglas Snow Facility. If you would like to attend one of these clini...
Nov 30, 2014 - Pictures of the Nov 2014 Intro Skills Training session
Pictures of the Nov 2104 Intro Skills Training session Pictures of the Intro Skills Training Session held on November 23 at the PanAm Sport Centre are now posted on the member side of the NYAC websit...
Nov 3, 2014 - 20% Membership Discount for NYAC families at TPASC
Oct 10, 2014 - Pictures of the 2014 NYAC Awards Banquet
Oct 7, 2014 - All Practices Cancelled Thanksgiving Monday
All practices are cancelled October 13th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. All regular practices will run on Friday October 10th, Saturday October 11th, and Sunday October 12th.
Oct 1, 2014 - NYAC on YouTube
NYAC on YouTube Select this link to see what you've been missing on your NYAC YouTube channel. A few sample items: Fail harder now, succeed easier later Are you afraid to fail as much as you are af...
Sep 28, 2014 - P1 in action at the new TPASC pool
Sep 24, 2014 - Pan Am Youth Volunteers Required
Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games 2015 organizatiions are looking to recruit approximately 100 Swimming-knowledgeable youth volunteers to come forward and be trained to be part of the Block Wipers and Bas...
Sep 24, 2014 - NYAC BANQUET
Come help us celebrate the success of our last swim season and the beginning of a new one! The 2014 NYAC Awards Banquet is almost here! Buy your ticket now on line on the NYAC Websiite ( www.nyac...
Sep 22, 2014 - NYAC swimmer, Kiera Michailoff-Russell commits to U Arkansas
See this article about Kiera committing to U Arkansas:
Sep 10, 2014 - NYAC Meet & Greet and Team Equipment Day
Sep 10, 2014 - NYAC Meet & Greet and Team Equipment Day
Hello to all New and Returning NYAC members! We would like to invite everyone to our ------- NYAC Meet and Greet and Team Equipment Order Day Date : Saturday 13 September Time : 2-6 pm Location: Mem...
Aug 22, 2014 - Pre-opening tour of the New Toronto PanAm Sports Centre
Aug 20, 2014 - 2014-15 NYAC Team Wear & Equipment
First Day Of Practices: Waves will start on the week of September 29th Competitive Program will start on the week of September 15th
Aug 12, 2014 - NYAC athlete, Jackie Douglas, takes Gold at Summer Games
NYAC athlete, Jackie Douglas, takes Gold at Summer Games NYAC congratulates Jackie Douglas for earning the Gold medal in the women's Triathlon event at the recent 2014 Summer Games in Windsor. Read th...
Aug 5, 2014 - Michelle says "Thank You, NYAC!"
Jul 28, 2014 - Office Phones back online
Please note: The phones for the office are back online!
Jul 24, 2014 - NYAC's Michelle Williams helps Team Canada to a Bronze Medal in Glasgow
Jul 21, 2014 - NYAC swimmer Michelle Williams at Commonwealth Games
Jul 21, 2014 - The Following Groups Are Now Full
Please note the following groups are now full: Intro 4, 5 & 6 Provincial 1 South Junior 1 National Development 2 & 3
Jul 20, 2014 - Proud NYAC Achievements at Nationals
Proud NYAC Achievements at Nationals submitted by Murray Drudge Congratulations to all NYAC qualifiers! Kiera Michailoff-Russell, Youn Ho Choi, Claire Lockridge, Alex Hamilton, and Alex Jin ...
Jul 11, 2014 - NYAC will be swimming in the Pan Am Sport Centre!
Exciting News! North York Aquatic Club has been awarded resident status at the new Scarborough Pan Am Sport Centre ? site of the 2015 Pan American and Para-Pan American Games! Starting in September ...
Jun 20, 2014 - Registration Instructions for Competitive Program
This is the registration instructions for the following groups: Intro, Junior, Senior,Youth, Provincal 1, 2, 3: National Development 1, 2, 3, and National. These instructions are not for the Wave...
Jun 7, 2014 - 25th Mayor's Cup Anniversary Celebration
Jun 5, 2014 - Pictures of NYAC at CAMO Invitation Provinciale
May 10, 2014 - National Development Group Leaves for Ft Lauderdale
Apr 7, 2014 - 2014 NYAC Swim-a-Thon Wrap-Up
Apr 5, 2014 - NYAC's Michelle Williams named to Commonwealth and Pan Pac Teams
Apr 2, 2014 - NYAC at the 2014 Canadian Trials
Apr 1, 2014 - Report: East Coast Championships
Mar 28, 2014 - 2014 Swim-a-Thon Pictures
Mar 26, 2014 - 2013 Receipts For Swim Fees Can Be Printed From Your NYAC Account
2013 Receipts for Swim Fees Parents can print their receipts to support any claims for the Fitness Tax Credit from their online account. Please follow instructions below: Log into your account on Te...
Mar 25, 2014 - NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update #6
Mar 21, 2014 - NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update #5
NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update #5 All Groups will swim this coming Saturday, March 22, 2014 and don?t forget each swimmer will need a person to count laps. Please bring a pencil, something to w...
Mar 18, 2014 - Pictures from our Barbados Prep Camp
Mar 11, 2014 - NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update #4
NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update #4 The Swim-a-thon is less than two weeks away and NYAC has raised $8425.00 to date. This is an excellent start towards our goal of $40 000. We have raised approxim...
Mar 6, 2014 - NYAC Swim-a-thon Update
NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Top Fundraisers so far... The Early Bird: Veronica Opreff Week 1: Matti MacLachlan Week 2: Nicole and Justine Maurer Week 3: Andrew and Matthew Martin Swim-a-Thon Date, ...
Mar 5, 2014 - 2014 Ontario Provincials Meet Report
2014 ONTARIO PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Meet report by Murray Drudge TOP 8 POINT SCORERS ( Finalists) 1 st David Brenken 153 2 nd Teddy Kalp 146 3 rd Michael Min 138...
Mar 1, 2014 - NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update
NYAC Swim-a-Thon 2014 Update The Swim-a-thon is about four weeks away and NYAC has raised $4 015 to date. This is an excellent start towards our goal of $40 000. We need each swimmer to reach o...
Feb 27, 2014 - 2014 East Coast Short Course Swimmers
Feb 24, 2014 - 2014 NYAC February Invitational results
See your 2014 NYAC February Invitational results here: Swimming Canada > Meet List and Results > 2014 NYAC February Invitational
Feb 15, 2014 - Kiera made her first National Time
Feb 15, 2014 - Hanging out with the Stars
Feb 10, 2014 - Great Prizes for Top SWIM-A-THON fundraisers
NYAC 2014 SWIM-A-THON NYAC will be holding the annual Swim-a-Thon the week of March 24, 2014 . Updates to follow and more information from coaches closer to the event. We have many wonderful prizes...
Jan 24, 2014 - Congratulations to NYAC Board Member Walter Henry
Congratulations to NYAC Board Member Walter Henry Congratulations to NYAC Board Member Walter Henry on achieving his Level III OSOA ? Blue Badge following the Winter Invitational Meet he managed on...
Jan 17, 2014 - Team Champs Meet Update
Team Champs Update by Coach Micheline Tremblay 10 and under Our NYAC 10 and unders showed real spirit at Team Champs and put in some great performances. Kaita Brown took home 3 Bronze medals in the...
Jan 16, 2014 - Meet Report: CAMO Invitational
CAMO Invitational by Coach Eddie Toro The CAMO Invitational in Montreal gave our swimmers an opportunity to close the year with a performance that summarizes all the teachings done in the first stage ...
Jan 15, 2014 - Meet Report: TEAM CHAMPS 2014 - NEPEAN
TEAM CHAMPS 2014 ? NEPEAN by Murray Drudge NEWS & RESULTS 15-16 + 17 - OVER 400 free It is very exciting racing in this event with our 15-17 year old swimmers racing unshaved and still able to post so...
Jan 9, 2014 - Olympic Skills Workshops for the ND Groups
Dec 15, 2013 - MEET RESULTS - 2013 NYAC Winter Invitational
Meet Results 2013 NYAC Winter Invitational
Nov 29, 2013 - What's Happening - eNewsletter - 29-Nov-2013
» What's Happening - eNewsletter - 29-Nov-2013
Nov 26, 2013 - "Thank You" to All Volunteers at Mega City
Nov 25, 2013 - Murray Drudge and Teddy Kalp Win 2013 Top Performance Awards
Nov 21, 2013 - Jacqueline Douglas qualifies for World Triathlon Championships
Nov 8, 2013 - What's Happening - eNewsletter - 8-Nov-2013
» What's Happening - eNewsletter - 8-Nov-2013
Nov 5, 2013 - Dashboard Opens Tonight at 9pm
Reminder: Mega City Volunteer Dashboard Sign-up Opens Tonight At 9PM The volunteer dashboard for the 2013 Mega City Meet will open tonight at 9pm for those families with a requirement to work ...
Nov 1, 2013 - What's Happening - eNewsletter - 1-Nov-2013
What's Happening - eNewsletter - 1-Nov-2013
Oct 29, 2013 - 2013 NYAC Awards Banquet Pictures
2013 NYAC Awards Banquet Please log in here and follow the link under the News > Pictures tab to see the picture gallery of the 2013 NYAC Awards Banquet.
Oct 25, 2013 - What's Happening - eNewsletter - 25-Oct-2013
» What's Happening - eNewsletter - 25-Oct-2013
Oct 10, 2013 - What's Happening - eNewsletter - 11-Oct-2013
What's Happening - eNewsletter - 11-Oct-2013
Oct 4, 2013 - What's Happening - eNewsletter - 04-Oct-2013
» What's Happening - eNewsletter - 04-Oct-2013
Sep 27, 2013 - Teddy Kalp named Swim Ontario Athlete of the Month
Sep 26, 2013 - What's Happening eNewsletter 27-Sep-2013
Get your latest NYAC eNewsletter here... » What's Happening - eNewsletter - 27-Sep-2013
Sep 24, 2013 - 9 Ways to be a Better Teammate
Hi everyone, Here is an interesting article that was sent to me. It coincides with our team meeting on fostering a positive team environment.
Sep 20, 2013 - What's Happening eNewsletter 20-Sep-2013
Get your latest What's Happening eNewsletter here.... » What's Happening - eNewsletter: 20-Sep-2013 » 2013-14 NYAC Team Wear Order form
Sep 11, 2013 - Lessons from the Summer of 2013
Sep 11, 2013 - Reflecting on Dubai
The start dates of the 2013-14 season are as follows: Competitive Groups: Week of September 16, 2013 Waves Groups: Week of September 30, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 - New Ontario Record for Teddy at World Juniors
Congratulations to Teddy Kalp for setting a new Ontario record in the 800 Free at the 2013 FINA World Junior Championships in Dubai (UAE). He placed 7th overall, with a time of 8:04.20. This is also a...
Aug 13, 2013 - 6 Medals for NYAC swimmers at Age Group Nationals
6 Medals for NYAC swimmers at Age Group Nationals Meet Report by Steve Downs Pictures by Sandy Jin NYAC swimmers blazed through the beautiful Jean Drapeau pool in Montreal to win a total of six meda...
Aug 12, 2013 - Strong Performance by NYAC Athletes at 2013 Triathlon Ontario Events
Strong Performance by NYAC Athletes at 2013 Triathlon Ontario Events Jacqueline Douglas placed 1st out of 42 in the 14-15 age group for girls at the 2013 Barrie Kids-of-Steel Triathlon, held on Sunda...
Aug 6, 2013 - 3rd GOLD medal for Teddy Kalp at Canada Games
3rd GOLD medal for Teddy Kalp at Canada Games By the end of Day 3 of the 2013 Canada Games, held in Sherbrooke, Quebec, NYAC's Teddy Kalp (16) has already earned his 3rd gold medal. He is competin...
Jul 29, 2013 - Age Group Nationals Report
Age Group Nationals Meet Report NYAC swimmers blazed through the beautiful Jean Drapeau pool in Montreal to win a total of six medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze) at the Canadian Age Group Nationals...
Jul 24, 2013 - Five Medals for NYAC at the 2013 Summer Nationals
Jul 18, 2013 - More Try-Out Dates
More Try-out Dates for Fall 2013 Dates: July 25, 2013 August 22, 2013 Time: 6:30 - 8:15 pm Where: Havergal College, 1451 Avenue Road (at Lawrence and Avenue) No appointment is necessary. Just stop by...
Jul 18, 2013 - New Provincial Record for Alex Hamilton
Congratulations go to Alex Hamilton who set a new Ontario record for boys 15-17 in the 800 Free at the 2013 Summer Nationals in Pointe Claire, Quebec. His time was 8:17.60.
Jul 4, 2013 - 2013-14 NYAC Team Wear
Get your 2013-14 NYAC Team Wear information here...
Jun 29, 2013 - GOLD for NYAC at Quebec Cup
Way to go NYAC !!!! GOLD for the 4 x 200 relay for men ( Alex Jin > Teddy Kalp > Ho Yin Leung > Alex Hamilton) at Quebec Cup in Montreal
Jun 12, 2013 - Warm up Changes For Central Regionals this weekend
Warm-up Time Changes for Central Regions this Weekend Saturday Afternoon 12 & Under 12:30pm Saturday Finals 13 & Over 5:30pm Sunday Afternoon 12 & Under 12:30pm Sunday Finals 13 & Over 5:30pm
Jun 12, 2013 - Last Day of Practice
Please note that due to Central Region Summer Team Champs being canceled, the last day of practice is going to be Saturday June 15 th for all swimmers, except swimmers attending Provincial, Age Gro...
Jun 12, 2013 - Cancellation of the 2013 Central Region Summer Team Champs
Please see the message from the Central Region office below: Hello Everyone, It is with great disappointment, that I must advise the Central Region swimming community that we have been forced to canc...
Jun 10, 2013 - Try-out Dates for Fall 2013
Try-out Dates for Fall 2013 No appointment necessary, just pick the location and date that works best for you and drop in anytime during the scheduled time. Please bring a swimsuit, goggles and ca...
Jun 9, 2013 - 2013 Mayor's Cup Results
Get your 2013 Mayor's Cup results here... Results are also available on Meet Mobile under the meet name: 24th Annual Mayor's Cup
May 23, 2013 - Dashboard Information
May 9, 2013 - Scarborough Pentathlon Recap
May 8, 2013 - High Tech Starts & Turns
May 6, 2013 - NYAC Swimmers Outstanding at the Ralph Hicken Invitational
Denault makes AGN and Lockridge Makes National Standard Meet Report by Murray Drudge NYAC Head Coach There were some great swims at the Ralph Hicken Invitational held in Etobicoke from April 25 ? ...
Apr 23, 2013 - 2013 John Grootveld & Pickering Rainbow Classic ReCap
Apr 17, 2013 - 2013 NYAC Swimathon Update
2013 NYAC Swimathon Update Congratulations NYAC on another very successful swimathon. It was wonderful to see such an enthusiastic group of swimmers participating as their parents cheered them on from...
Apr 16, 2013 - Teddy Kalp Selected for Canada Games
Apr 14, 2013 - Vassilla Qualifies For Festivals!
Vassilla Qualifies For Festivals Congratulations go out to Andrew Vassilla who qualified for Ontario Festivals in the 100 breaststroke this weekend at the Grootveld Inv at the University of Toronto. H...
Apr 13, 2013 - NYAC at 2013 Central Region Champs
Apr 11, 2013 - 2013 NYAC Tri-Kids Program
Mar 19, 2013 - Central Region Offical's Clinic is this weekend
Mar 18, 2013 - Meet Report: NYAC at the 2013 Junior Provincials
Mar 4, 2013 - Exciting Videos of NYAC Relays at 2013 Ontario Age Group Champs
Exciting Videos of NYAC Relays at 2013 Ontario Age Group Champs 4 x 100 Medley Relay - Boys 13-14 4 x 100 Free Relay - Boys 13-14
Mar 2, 2013 - Age Group Championships Live Results
Live Meet Results 2013 SC Provincial Age Group Championships Live Results Meet Mobile search ID: 2013 SC Provincial Age Group Championships
Mar 2, 2013 - 2013 Cobra Power Meet Live Results
Live Results 2013 Cobra Power Meet Live Results Meet Mobile search ID: The Power Meet 2013
Mar 2, 2013 - Swimtec Summer Camp
The registration for Swimtec Summer Swim Camp 2013 will open on March 8th. Please excuse our tardiness this year as we are switching to an online system to make it simpler and easier for you to regi...
A message on behalf of Natalie Lychy, NYAC President and Murray Drudge, Head Coach On behalf of the Board of Directors we would like to thank everyone for their outstanding efforts at the Provincial...
Feb 4, 2013 - Important Changes to Volunteer Sessions Requirements for Ontario Festival Meet
Important Changes to Volunteer Sessions Requirements for Ontario SC Festival Meet Feb 23-24 Changes to Volunteer Sessions Requirements for Winter Festival Meet: - Families with a swimme...
Jan 28, 2013 - Results of 2013 Cindy Nicholas Swim Classic
2013 Cindy Nicholas Swim Classic Results
Jan 9, 2013 - Murray and Alex Down Under
Nov 30, 2012 - Teddy Kalp Honoured with the Victor Davis Award
NYAC's phone number has been changed to 416-487-6747 . The fax number has also changed to 416-487-6748 .
Nov 5, 2012 - NYAC’s Annual Banquet was a huge success!
Oct 24, 2012 - New Phones!!
Coming Soon: New Phone System! NYAC will be updating our phones to better serve you. In order to do this NYAC will need to change our phone and fax #?s. Please check the NYAC website for updates. ...
Oct 24, 2012 - Practice Pick Up
Pick up and Drop off at Pools: All swimmers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to practice so that they can be prepared for the start of practice. Parents and caregivers are asked to be prompt ...
Sep 20, 2012 - Vacant Position: Director - Meet Management
Vacant Position: Director - Meet Management The NYAC Board of Directors is looking to fill the position of Director - Meet Management for the upcoming 2012/13 swim season. We are looking to ad...
Sep 20, 2012 - NYAC says "Thank you, Leon"
In Appreciation - Leon Goren NYAC would like to officially thank Leon Goren for his passion and commitment while serving four years as Vice-President on the NYAC Board of Directors. Leon is a dev...
Sep 18, 2012 - Huge Turnout at Annual NYAC BBQ
Sep 7, 2012 - Next Officials Training Clinic
Get information about the next Officials training clinic here: Central Region Officials Training Clinic on Saturday, September 29, 2012 MORNING SESSION (clinics run concurrently) ? Level 1 Timekee...
Sep 5, 2012 - Next try-out opportunity for new swimmers
The next try-out opportunity for new swimmers will be as follows: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 5:00 - 7:00 pm Newtonbrook Secondary School 155 Hilda Avenue, North York, Ontario M2M 1V6 (at Yonge and...
Aug 29, 2012 - NYAC Welcomes Swimmers from Champs
NYAC Welcomes Swimmers from Champs North York Aquatic Club is excited to welcome all swimmers from Champs Athletic Club and would like to wish their head coach, Guy Bergeron, the best of luck in his ...
Aug 20, 2012 - Summer Achievements of NYAC Swimmers
Aug 14, 2012 - NYAC at the Ontario Summer Games
Jul 27, 2012 - Canadian Age Group Championships
Jul 18, 2012 - Good Luck National Swimmers
Jul 17, 2012 - NYAC at Junior Provincials
Jul 12, 2012 - Registration for the new season
To all current and new NYAC parents: Registration for the Competitive Program is postponed until July 20, 2012 at 7.00pm. Please get your program information here... Waves registration opened on Jul...
Jul 6, 2012 - 2011-12 NYAC Group Pictures
See your 2011-12 group pictures here. The pictures were done by NYAC parent, AJ Wang. Should you wish to download and print any of the files, select the "Actions" menu above each picture and follow t...
Jun 27, 2012 - "Good luck at Provincials"
Jun 22, 2012 - NYAC says Farewell and Best Wishes to Maddy Duff
NYAC says farewell and Best Wishes to Maddy Duff To all of NYAC: Coming to NYAC, never had I expected to be as lucky as I was to join a group of people who made me feel so welcome and ...
Jun 20, 2012 - Registration for 2012-13 Season
Registration for 2012-13 Season Registration begins July 16, 2012 for the Competative and Waves programs. Details are comming soon.
Jun 20, 2012 - Pre- Registration Tryouts
Pre- Registration Tryouts Date: July 11, 2012 Time: 5:00 - 7:00pm Location: Havergal College, 1251 Avenue Road ( Avenue & Lawrence) Follow path from parking lot around the back of ...
Jun 19, 2012 - Congratulations: Claire Lockridge
Congratulations Claire Lockridge swam a new Senior National time in the women's 1500 Free at the 2012 Stratten and Bond Invitational. Her time of 17:49:11 is also a 15-17 NYAC club record.
Jun 19, 2012 - NYAC Annual General Meeting: Thursday, June 21
To: all NYAC Members 2012 NYAC Annual General Meeting Thursday, June 21 at 7:30 pm at the Proctor Field House , Glendon College, York University ( 2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto ) Every NYAC member i...
Jun 14, 2012 - 2012 CRLC Team Report
2012 Central Region LC Team Report by John McLeod NYAC qualified a team of 61 athletes to this season?s first long course championship meet hosted by Cobra swim club. This was held at the Etobicoke Ol...
Jun 10, 2012 - Congratulations, David and Bubbles
Jun 5, 2012 - NYAC Member Survey
Attention all NYAC Members Our 2012-2013 NYAC Member Survey is coming soon to your email inbox via your pool rep. Surveys should be completed for each swimmer in your family. Adult Triathlon members ...
Jun 3, 2012 - Congrats Donna Nguyen - new senior national qualifier!
Congratulations to NYAC's new Senior National Qualifier, 15 year old Donna Nguyen. Donna finished her 200 Back in 2:22:46 at the 2012 AGI at the Etobicoke Olympium. Way to go Donna! Murray Drudge NY...
Jun 1, 2012 - Getting Ready for Mayor's Cup this Weekend
NYAC is hosting the 23rd Annual Mayor's Cup meet on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3, 2012. The meet is held at the Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre at 5100 Yonge Street, North York (see map) with th...
May 28, 2012 - Tryouts for the 2012-13 Season
NYAC Tryouts for the 2012-13 Season June 9, 2012 July 11, 2012 10 am - 12 noon 5 - 7 pm Forest Hill CI ...
May 25, 2012 - You Race at Nationals the Way You Rehearse In Season
"You Race at Nationals the Way You Rehearse In Season " Vancouver Training Camp Update by NYAC Head Coach, Murray Drudge When we arrived in Vancouver on Sunday, May 13, we were greeted with a nice ...
May 24, 2012 - Notice of the 2012 NYAC Annual General Meeting
To: all NYAC Members The 2012 North York Aquatic Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Proctor Field House , Glendon College, York University ( 22...
May 15, 2012 - Check out your May Performance Pictures
May 14, 2012 - Mayor's Cup Volunteer Signup Coming Up
Our Mayor's Cup swim meet will be held Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3, 2012 at the Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre. The volunteer dashboard will open on Tuesday, May 15 at 9:00pm for session sign...
May 7, 2012 - Get Ready for May Performance this Weekend
NYAC is hosting the May Performance Meet on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13, 2012. NYAC meet volunteers, s ign in here to see the job signup roster . Meet Pool map University of Toronto Athle...
Apr 26, 2012 - Intro 1 and Age Swimmers Say Farewell to Julia
Apr 21, 2012 - Lessons learned from the 2012 Olympic Trials
Apr 15, 2012 - Check out and share your NYAC photos on Flickr
Apr 11, 2012 - NYAC Tri-Kids Information Night
2012 NYAC Tri-Kids Information Night Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012 Time: 7:15 p.m. Location: Douglas Snow Aquatic Center (2nd FLOOR) Get more info about the 2012 NYAC Tri-Kids program here .
Apr 9, 2012 - Volunteer Signup Preview
Volunteer Signup Dashboard NYAC May Performance Meet May12 &13, 2012 The dashboard will open for preview, Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Please Note: when previewing the dashboard there will be a red bar s...
Mar 26, 2012 - 8 NYAC Swimmers Head to the 2012 Olympic Trials
Mar 25, 2012 - 2012 NYAC Swim-A-Thon Lots of Fun
Mar 13, 2012 - Good Luck to Michelle Williams at NCAA Champs
The North York Aquatic Club would like to congratulate and wish good luck to Michelle Williams who will be racing for the Ohio State University at the 2012 NCAA Division I Swimming Championships Marc...
Feb 26, 2012 - 5 New NYAC Records at Burlington Invitational
Meet Report by John McLeod Congratulations to Sasha Kennedy, Thomas Lychy, Neushaw Moradi and Thomas Leung who all broke NYAC records in the 100 IM this weekend. Sasha broke Sarah Spitz's 6 year old...
Feb 22, 2012 - Nail Biting Races for NYAC at Easterns
Feb 21, 2012 - Central Region SC Champs Update
2012 Central Region SC Championships Update Provincial 1 Meet Report by Coach Rebecca Suen New provincial qualifiers - Haley Sturrock - 100 Breast - David Brenken (first time qualifier) - 100 fly ...
Feb 15, 2012 - Next Central Region Meet Official Clinics
This information is for all NYAC families who need to update their meet official training. Please contact the NYAC director involved with the training of meet officials, Walter Henry - whenry@front...
Feb 2, 2012 - NYAC's New Website Now Active
We are pleased to announce the deployment of our new club website and office management system which includes powerful communication and account management tools. This new toolset will enable our ...
Jan 31, 2012 - Congratulations: NYAC record for India Bruhn
Congratulations to India Bruhn who broke the girls 11-12 1500m short course NYAC record at the 2012 Oakville Invitational with a time of 19:17.11. The previous time was 19:29.57. Way to go!!!!!!!!!
Jan 21, 2012 - Expectations: Is My Child Getting Better
Murray Drudge NYAC Head Coach Expectations: Is My Child Getting Better Now that we are half way through the season, parents often wonder how their swimmer is doing. Are they getting better? Faster? Th...
Jan 19, 2012 - Congratulations Teddy and Alex
Congratulations - NYAC?s Teddy Kalp Represents Canada - Alex Hamilton - Top 10 at Paul Bergen NYAC?s Teddy Kalp was one of sixteen Canadian teens on Canada?s squad that just returned from the Cl...
Jan 17, 2012 - Ohio State's Michelle Williams surges in and out of pool
Ohio State's Michelle Williams surges in and out of pool Article by Nick Dvorscak The Lantern of The Ohio State University January 17, 2012 Being an athlete and a student can sometimes be a dauntin...
Jan 10, 2012 - Please share your pictures and your skills
Please share your pictures and your skills Got Photos? We need your pictures! As you snap pictures of your swimmers this year - at meets, practices or other NYAC social events - please share the...
Dec 15, 2011 - Great Swimming Youth Cup & Mega City Swimmers
Great Swimming Youth Cup & Mega City Swimmers P1 Meet Report by Coach Rebecca Suen P1 had a fabulous meet. 91% of the group are now Central Region qualified and we have a 95% personal best rate. T...
Dec 14, 2011 - Christmas Break and Training Camps
There is a Christmas Break for all regular practices for both the Waves and Competitive program, from Dec 23 - Jan 9, 2012. There are X-Mass Training Camps as follows: National, ND1 and ND2: Dec 2...
Dec 14, 2011 - It's a Boy. Congratulations !
It's a Boy! Congratulations to Tereza Macel on the birth of healthy 8lb 10oz baby Kai! Congratulations also to our office manager, Olga Macel, who has become a grandmother for the first time.
Dec 14, 2011 - Register now for Waves Spring Session
Registration for the Waves Spring session is on now! Please submit your forms soon as groups will be filled on first-come-first-serve basis. Please note groups 2 and 3 are already full for Spring. G...
Dec 5, 2011 - Great Prizes for 14 Year Old Distance Swimmers at Youth Cup
Thank You to Camp Chikopi and Camp Ak-O-Mak. Thanks to Camp Chikopi and Camp Ak-O-Mak for providing two special prizes at Youth Cup for 14 year old girls and 14 year old boys. Mackenzie Hamill of Oak...
Dec 5, 2011 - Congratulations Youth Cup & Mega City Swimmers
Congratulations to all swimmers and parents who took part in Youth Cup/Mega City. This is a major annual event with a total of 1700 swimmers participating from as far as the Cayman Islands, Newfoundla...
Nov 28, 2011 - Canada Cup Meet Report
November 2011 by NYAC Head Coach, Murray Drudge The Canada Cup is the premiere senior event for this time of the season and draws athletes from all over Canada. This year England sent a contingent of ...
Nov 1, 2011 - Meet Official Courses
Strokes and Turns Clinic Please register There is a clinic scheduled for Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 7:00am at Douglas Snow. Registration is at Contact Walter Henry by email for mo...
Nov 1, 2011 - Please share your pictures and your skills
Got Photos? We need your pictures! As you snap pictures of your swimmers this year - at meets, practices or other NYAC social events - please share them. That way we can make sure we have lots of grea...
Oct 31, 2011 - NYAC rocks at our best Banquet ever
Many thanks to Annette Lindy, our Social Director, and her committee for organizing the wonderful awards banquet held on Friday, October 28 at the Montecassino Event Centre. Thanks as well to all of o...
Sep 30, 2011 - Congratulations
Congratulations to the following three NYAC swimmers who have been invited to participate in the 2011-2012 Train to Compete Provincial Swim Camp this October 7-9, 2011 at the University of Western Ont...
Sep 14, 2011 - Fundraising Opportunities
Please follow this link to see how you can decrease your swim fees for the next season.
Sep 14, 2011 - Top 3 Tips to Achieve Rhythm and Flow
Head Coach Message Swimming coaches describe the efficiency of great stroke technique by using examples from various walks of life. I have heard coach Bergen in Etobicoke talk about horses when he t...
Aug 30, 2011 - Summer Success for the NYAC Tri-Kids
Summer Success for the NYAC Tri-Kids August 2011 Meet report by Lisa Papas The NYAC Tri-Kids competed in a number of Kids of Steel races this summer with great success. Jacqueline Douglas remained u...
Apr 26, 2011 - Training in High Gear
"It's not how fast you're swimming, it's how you're swimming fast". April 2011 There are only a few meets in the Long Course Season, so this means that there is less chance to prepare for the Champion...
Jan 31, 2011 - What I've Learned as Coach on the UK Tour Team
Nov 30, 2010 - Competitive Racers Hit The Water on December 2nd
For the past 27 years, NYAC has hosted the Youth Cup swim meet, an international caliber meet for competitive swimmers aged 11 to 17. This year the meet runs from December 2 to 5 at the Etobicoke Olym...
Oct 27, 2010 - My Experience on a Canadian Tour Team
Meet Report by Alex Hamilton October 2010 Racing for team Canada I would have to say is the coolest and most interesting thing that young athletes in this modern day and age can do in the world of swi...
Oct 27, 2010 - Caitlin Hodge talks about her experience on the 2010 Junior Pan Pacific Team
Meet Report October 2010 Q1 Where and when was the meet to take place? The meet took place in Hawaii - at the Kihei Aquatic Center in Maui - from August 26 to 30, 2010 Q2 How many members were selecte...
Sep 29, 2010 - 2010 World Triathlon Championships
Meet Report Budapest, Hungary September 2010 submitted by Dave Douglas Hi Everyone Just thought I would give you an update on my trip to the 2010 Triathlon World?s. The experience was quite fantastic,...
Aug 16, 2010 - Tereza Macel wins THE toughest Ironman in the world
Haute Alpes, France - August 15, 2010 A rare rest for the T-Mac team last weekend has worked wonders as a small squad of athletes lined up for the Embrunman, perhaps THE toughest Ironman distance race...
Jul 28, 2010 - Highlights of the 2010 Age Group Nationals
submitted by Murray Drudge July 2010 Team NYAC placed 12th which is our best ever team placing at Age Group Nationals. 11 of the 18 swimmers from three different NYAC training groups scored points. On...
Jun 30, 2010 - Q + A with Murray Drudge and new coach Danica Milosevic about the newly create
Jun 30, 2010 - NYAC TriKids Participate in the East End Kids of Steel Triathlon
June 2010 On Saturday, June 5, the NYAC TriKids decended on Birchmount pool\stadium in the Beaches area of Toronto to participate in their second triathlon event of the season. The East End Kids of St...
May 27, 2010 - Head Coach's Message for Long Course Season
May 2010 With the 2010 Team Champs just over, NYAC is in full swing for the LC season. Our Team Champs performance was outstanding with great cheering and support from swimmers, coaches and parents. T...
Apr 29, 2010 - Intro2 Group in the Spotlight
There are four Intro groups in NYAC. Upon successful completion of the Waves program, the swimmers are then promoted to the Intro level of swimming which now offers opportunities to participate in com...
Mar 30, 2010 - Conquering all Opportunities with the right Skills
Provincial 1 Group Short Course Report March 2010 "Some say opportunity knocks only once, that is not true. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it. If the chance comes, you m...
Mar 30, 2010 - National Development Group's Championship Meets: Opportunities to Create Belief
Meet Report: National Development Group March 2010 Swimmers must have a rock solid belief in themselves and their ability to perform. They need to have others believe in them - coaches, parents, t...
Mar 24, 2010 - "Q + As" with Caitlin Hodge who recently returned from a training camp hosted by
"Q + As" with Caitlin Hodge who recently returned from a training camp hosted by Swimming Canada enjoyed training with the best long distance swimmers in Canada. As a long distance swimmer I am often ...
Dec 16, 2009 - Julia Wilkinson Carries Olympic Torch
Report by Andrea Hamilton Pictures by Murray Drudge December 2009 The 2010 Olympic Torch Relay is the longest relay in history to be contained within the host country. Recently Julia Wilkinson, former...
Dec 16, 2009 - NYAC Senior Group
2009 Meet Report Downtown Sprint, Harvest/Autumn, Mega City/Youth Cup and Marilyn Bell Classic December 2009 Downtown Sprint Meet NYAC's Senior group kicked off the season with a sprint meet at Univer...
Dec 8, 2009 - Building Stepping Stones
National Development Group Youth Cup and Guelph Meet Reports December 2009 "Challenge, real challenge." "What have I done to myself?" "I must have been nuts thinking I could do this!" There is really ...
Dec 8, 2009 - Michelle Williams to Become a Buckeye in 2010
Andrea Hamilton December 2009 NYAC is pleased to announce that Michelle has accepted an athletic scholarship to join the Ohio State University Women's Swim Team . We are so very proud of her for a nu...
Oct 31, 2009 - Tereza Macel Fourth in the Ford Ironman World Championships
NYAC triathlon coach, Tereza Macel , placed fourth in the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii on Saturday, October 10, 2009. Her splits were 00:53:29 for the 3.8km swim (first place), 05...
Aug 26, 2009 - Julia Just Off World Record
Julia Wilkinson came within 0.48 of the world record winning the 100m IM at the 2009 British SC Grand Prix in Leeds UK. However, her time of 59:28 set a new Canadian record. ??I?m happy but not satisf...
Jul 29, 2009 - NYAC Tri-athletes Race Fast at Ford Ironman USA at Lake Placid
July 2009 Congratulations to Tereza Macel for winning the Ford Ironman at Lake Placid on Sunday, July 26, 2009. Tereza is one of the coaches of NYAC's Triathlon Swimming Program and she is also the ...
Dec 18, 2008 - Message from the President
Happy New Year NYAC! Welcome back and it's good to write to all of you again! NYAC has lots to celebrate with many of its athletes having a fantastic team travel meet at the Baltimore Christmas Classi...
Dec 17, 2008 - President's Message
December 2008 Congratulations NYAC! The 26th Youth Cup and 10th Mega City Meets have finished and you are to be thanked! As the host club for Youth Cup, we have provided over 1000 age group swimmers t...
Sep 17, 2008 - Season Kicks Off with Welcoming BBQ
NYAC's new season kicked off with a welcoming BBQ on Monday, September 15, 2008. New members had a chance to meet their coaches and mingle with the old crowd.
Sep 9, 2008 - Welcome from our new Head Age Group Coach
Greetings to all new and returning families to NYAC?s 2008-2009 swim season. I?m very excited to welcome you all as our club continues to grow in all levels of swimming. As the Head Age Group Coach, I...
Aug 20, 2008 - 2008 Ontario Summer Games
Five of NYACs swimmers competed at the 2008 Ontario Summer Games in Ottawa on August 13-16. Our swimmers took great pride in performing at the best of their abilities, discipling themselves by attendi...
- Strong Performance by NYAC Athletes at the 2013 Barrie Triathlon
Strong Performance by NYAC Athletes at the 2013 Barrie Triathlon Jaqueline Douglas placed 1st out of 42 in the Kids of Steel event for girls aged 14-15 at the 2013 Barrie Triathlon held on Sunday, A...